We created Primal Movement WORKS! with motor development as our foundation. We observe where movement patterns break down as adults and adapt the effective movements we learn as children to refine, restore, and revitalize the adult body. It’s not a magic bullet or a trendy way to get fit in under seven minutes a day. We’re simply reconnecting your body to movement that was once a vital part of your development.

In our daily practice as seasoned Pilates teachers, we have seen our clients struggle with basic movements and we’ve heard their frustration: “When do I exhale?” “Am I supposed to use my abdominals for this?” “Where am I supposed to feel this?” Often the many positional cues we give our clients result in awkward, stiff movements as they work to comply with our directions.

Why this disconnect between how some clients execute movements and what instructors ask of them? Many people lack good motor control due to years of poor posture, injuries, and sedentary lifestyles, and they are generally uneducated about what good movement is.

We knew there were problems to be solved, and teaching corrective exercises alone is not always the solution. Just because a client is working hard, it doesn’t mean they are working to their full, natural potential, or in a way that is best for their body. What would it take for their body’s true ability to be restored and reset, allowing them to rediscover ease of movement? 

Many years in the making, Primal Movement WORKS! (PMW) is a product of experience, interesting client presentations, Pilates certifications, one major injury, hours of reading and exploration, and—most of all—a curious mind.

We’re honored to be able to give clients control and confidence over their movement abilities, while giving practitioners a focused system with which to share movement experiences. Over the last three years of development, Primal Movement WORKS! has morphed from a single program to three comprehensive education modules, and our journey to help people restore function and revitalize their lives is just beginning.

claudia moose | Founding creator

katie santos | co-creator

Louise johns | co-creator