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Primal Foundations™ is the first step to teaching movement to Every Body, it’s about teaching movement know how and increasing movement confidence. We will give you an expanded set of strategies to communicate with your clients more efficiently helping them to reach their goals faster! Explore other movement methods and techniques to increase your existing teaching skill set and learn how to introduce more playful movement experiences (exercises) into your workouts.

In this training you will learn about;

  • Motor development and how it can be used as a programming tool.

  • The breath and how we can use it to deepen our connection and experience to our body.

  • How to move as a whole rather than as separate parts.

  • Head neck control and its impact on the vestibular system and its affect to our overall wellbeing.

  • Introduce animal movements in a way that makes sense and how rolling and rocking can be used to reset and soothe the nervous system.

  • How to use locomotion as a way to up level your workouts making them  metabolic which is great for gyms and fitness people.

  • Simple and effective programing.

Continuing Education Credits: ACE = 1.4   PMA = 14

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Prerequisites: Personal Training or Pilates certification are required to take this course.

2019 Training dates

Primal Foundations Certification - Lafayette, CA | 2/1-2 @ Absolute Center

Primal Foundations Certification - Phoenix, AZ | 4/3-4 @ Pilates On Tour $575 (early) / $645 (regular)

Primal Foundations Certification - Chicago, IL | 10/16-17 @ Pilates on Tour $575 (early) / $645 (regular)