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primal foundations™

Primal Foundations™ is the first step in teaching Movement to Every Body.

Have you ever had trouble had trouble getting your clients over their movement hang ups? Get frustrated trying to explain how to get your clients to move in a way you have envisioned? Are you curious about movement and want to add more play and exploration to your workouts or are you interested in improving your own strength, mobility and health. Yes? Primal Foundations™ is for you!

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primal pilates®

Primal Pilates® is the second phase of our program, and it’s created exclusively for the Pilates teacher.

Building on your understanding of natural movement, we’ll go beyond the Pilates repertoire into advanced programming, including fascial health and the key elements of Primal Movement WORKS!®, specifically travels and transitions. After taking this course, you’ll be equipped to help your clients unlock neuromuscular patterns and find movement opportunities.


primal strength

Primal Strength is tailored to instructors with backgrounds in strength, conditioning, or personal training. In this course, you’ll discover how Primal Movement WORKS!® can be a higher intensity strength and conditioning workout with minimal equipment needs.

In Primal Strength, we’ll use the skills mastered in Primal Foundations® to increase intensity with bodyweight exercises and external resistance. Take your clients’ practice anywhere—the gym, home, outside, or on the road.


This isn’t anything “new” in fact it’s the opposite.