Pilates industry leaders, Anna Hartman and Trina Altman, speak after experiencing the Primal Movement Works! Primal Pilates workshop at the 2017 Pilates Method Alliance Conference. 

What Teachers And Participants Are Saying

I feel like I’m redesigning my body.
— Kendra - Student
The difference between Primal Movement WORKS! and every other form of workout I’ve ever done, including yoga and other Pilates classes, is the focus on the recruitment and training of all tissue systems to move the body properly through all planes and all modalities of movement. The training recruits tissues that I have not worked in decades.
— Bill E. - Student
The manual is straight forward, allowing for seamless lesson planning and flow throughout the session. My clients love PMW!
— RaeLea S. - Teacher
As a teacher, I instantly knew this system was different and how to apply it with my clients. We often hear new programs claiming to restore your body but this truly did. I walked out of class with a lightness in my step and a big smile.
— CJ K. - Teacher
I wholeheartedly recommend Primal Pilates® to men and women of all ages. Athletes will benefit from improved tissue health and neuromuscular patterning to correct imbalances caused by specialized sports and exercise systems. Older adults will benefit from improved mobility and flexibility. And men, don’t think that Primal Pilates® is a women’s activity. The truth is we need it more than they do.
— William - Student