Why was Primal Movement WORKS! Created?

“The future of movement is in our past...”


In our daily practice as seasoned teachers, we would often see our clients struggling with basic movements, hearing their frustration expressed in their questions:

“When do I exhale?”

“Am I supposed to use my abdominals for this?”

“Where am I supposed to feel this?”


Often the many positional cues we were giving our clients were resulting in awkward, stiff movements as they worked to follow our directions.


Through years of observing many successes (and some failures), we found a disconnect in how some clients were able to execute what was asked of them.


Many lacked good motor control due to years of poor posture, injuries, and sedentary lifestyles. Further, they were, in general, uneducated about what good movement is and how their current ability diverged from the ideal.


We knew there were problems to be solved and that teaching corrective exercises alone, was not always the solution.


Motivations, Conventions, and Constraints

Often we found ourselves constrained to working within a certain convention that demanded either so much corrective exercise that a client was bored to distraction, or we worked toward movements the clients wanted to do, knowing in our hearts that the practice would only serve to humiliate them at best, or injure them at worst.


Been There, Done That!

We know that, just because a client is working hard, it doesn’t mean they are working to their full, natural potential, or in a way that is best for them.


When faced with this reality, we found ourselves asking:

"What would it take for their body’s true ability to be restored and reset?"

"What would allow them to rediscover ease of movement?"


And so, the idea that would become Primal Movement WORKS! (PMW) was first explored as we sought a way to give our clients the control they lacked and the confidence they required to restore their movement abilities.



The idea for this system has been many years in the making. What do you get when you take a highly educated Athletic Trainer with many years of experience, layer in some interesting client presentations, add a major injury, mix in a Pilates Certification, a curious mind, along with endless hours of reading and self exploration?


A new movement system.


As often happens, teachers find the greatest inspiration and creativity through trying to solve their own movement limitations. Working with and through injury, and searching for ways to improve movement is an important piece in the creation of Primal Movement WORKS!


This is exactly the situation that inspired Claudia Moose to formulate the original concept that would become PMW.


Born out of a search for answers to her own movement challenges, PMW is an amalgamation of the wisdom of others, self-learning, exploration, hours of discussion and inner wisdom.


Our Goal

Over the three years of development, PMW has morphed from an exploration of movement born out of inspiration into a well defined, multi-faceted, systematic program to movement, designed from the ground up to aid in the refinement and the restoration of function.

Our goal, to help everyone to move as they were instinctively meant to, with energy, ease, and strength.


Join the Primal Movement today!

Todd Eby