Primal Movement WORKS! What is it?

“Primal Movement WORKS! is a comprehensive systematic approach to restore, refine and enhance your movement health at any age.” – Claudia Moose


Primal Movement WORKS! is a movement education system created by Claudia Moose, Katie Santos and Louise Johns using their collective 80+ years of movement experience.

The core of the PMW system is a set of animal-like movements, ancestral postures, and movement explorations designed to progress you through the various stages of motor development, enabling you to recapture and enhance you movement health.

The goal, to help you and your clients to rediscover the movement and freedom you had as a child.


Decidedly Different

While there are many primal classes and workouts in the market today. Primal Movement WORKS! is different from other programs in that it uses a systematic approach to unraveling movement challenges.


A Systematic Approach to Movement

When you experience this system, you will learn the specific progressions used to create a whole-body movement experience.

Our approach of building on progressions provides you with an experience that makes sense, rather than a collection of exercises placed in random order.


Tested and Proven

Using this approach with their clients has allowed the PMW founders to validate the effectiveness of the system.

After using it to restore and refine faulty movement patterns with hundreds of clients, they are able to demonstrate systematically how, using the pathways we all explored as developing children, we can restore, reset and rediscover ease of movement at all ages.


Our Mission

At Primal Movement WORKS! our mission is to educate, facilitate and cheer on healthy human movement. We want everyone to move as they were instinctively meant to, with energy, ease and strength.


Join the Primal Movement today!

Todd Eby